Pipework & Flame Brazing Training

About this course:

This course develops and improves essential skills and knowledge in a controlled environment to help learners perform their job effectively and to a worldskills standard.

Flame Brazing materials is a skill that you can learn and perfect. The refrigeration and air conditioning industry F-Gas qualiication requires the candidate to perform a basic fabrication and flame brazed joint in copper pipework. This course will provide an understanding of brazing and silver soldering techniques as well as key aspects concerning the risks associated with handling and storage of LPG, Oxygen and Acetylene brazing equipment.

Course Aims

To attain a basic understanding of brazing and silver soldering

Learning Agenda

  1. Safety 1 – the safe handling and storage of gas cylinders
  2. Safety 2 – selecting the correct equipment and clothing, recognizing fire hazards
  3. Gases – properties and good working practices
  4. Brazing materials
  5. Pipe preparation and jointing equipment
  6. Welding methods, blowpipe pressures and welding flame conditions


Candidates will be assessed by a practical demonstration and a written question paper.

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