Refrigeration Science and Principles (CPD)

About this course:

This course provides essential knowledge on vapour compression systems for anyone working in the HVACR & HP industry and those aiming to achieve the F-Gas category I to IV certificate.

Duration: 2 days (can be split into different weeks)

Course Aims

On Completion of the course delegates should be able to:

  • Understand the different refrigerants and oils used in the industry
  • Identify the common components in a vapour compression RAC & Heat Pump system
  • Define the function of vapour compression system components
  • Calculate superheat & sub cooling in a simple system
  • Define the current F-Gas & legislative requirements
  • Identify and control the hazards associated with handling refrigerants & oils
  • State the tools and materials required to carry out installation work
  • Identify the tools and equipment required to carry out charging, recovery and disposal of refrigerants.

Learning Agenda

  1. Refrigerant characteristics and Refrigerant Oils
  2. Heat transfer Principles and SI units of measurement
  3. Vapour Compression Cycle Operation
  4. Function of Mechanical Components
  5. Installation Standards for Pipe Work, Pressure Testing (EN378), Leak Testing & Evacuation
  6. Refrigeration (simple) Controls
  7. Charging & Commissioning Procedures
  8. Environmental Legislation  Regulations
  9. Recovery & Disposal of Refrigerants
  10. Theory Assessment Review

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